Panda Laundry 提供 24 小時自助洗衣及乾衣服務,任何時間都只需擕帶衣物便可使用,洗衣時自動注入洗衣液及柔順劑,操作簡易,特大容量,能同時清洗衣物達16 磅,如窗簾布或床舖等,價錢合理,享受舒適及專業洗衣效果。惠顧洗衣及乾衣服務更可享 $5 飮品折扣優惠。


Panda Laundry is a 24 hr wash and dry laundromat. Just come with your laundry, pick a machine, the washing liquid detergent and fabric softeners will be automatically injected into the machine. The machines are easy to use and with a 16 pound capacity, they are well suited for curtains and bedsheets. If you are looking for professional result with reasonable price, visit us now for laundry and get a $5 discount on drinks.

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